Rivility uses the latest technology running on the fastest tried and tested platforms

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow

Edward Teller

Riviity runs on its own servers all updated with the latest Operating systems and running on ultra fast SSD disks.

The Internet should be fast, you cannot have your clients wait when they are visiting the Front-end part of your site. Rivility is continuosly optimized to minimize the server and client browser load so that your clients have a fast and brilliant experience when visiting your Real Estate Property Website.

When matching properties with buyers the algorithms (the routines that do the matching of properties and clients with Rivility) have to be lightning fast, in a world where a good property can literally be sold  in a few hours when the price is right you have to be there first and be number one when it comes to informing your clients about the best upcoming property deals. Rivility does just that, it is probably the fastest Global Internet Real Estate client to property matching system in the world.



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