With Rivility you will be able to have your own Property Portal.

Rivility is based on years of experience coding over third party Property Portal Software Solutions and includes all the features any good Real Estate Property Portal should have.


A good Property Portal Software system should:

  • Allow clients to browse Properties fast, it should be faster than a regular Real Estate agent Property Website.
  • Have facilities to allow the agents to upload data via XML feeds. Gone are the times when a Real Estate Agent is going to go into your portal and import their portfolio manually.
  • Have various data exports so that your Portal can collaborate with other Property Portals and it must let you pick sets of Properties for Promotion on other Portals, Magazines, Newspaper ads, Craiglist ads, etcetera.
  • Should be Active in Social Media. This does not only just mean that your pages can be posted on Facebook but that they should show up well on the Social Media Platforms. Some standards have to be met for this (for example Open Graph for Facebook) and they have to be implemented by the software, sometimes on-the-fly using up processor cycles.
  • Have a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system incorporated. The Portal will handle client data and it must go beyond what normal Property Software gives us.
  • Good Real Estate Portals should have a way of letting clients be introduced by subscription so they can be contacted if matching properties that agents have added into the portal are found.

Rivility does all of this and does excellently, it is probably the best all-round Real Estate Portal Software package there is.

Clock with RivilityIf you are serious about having a Property Portal and want to succeed like others have you will have to go with the best. Our team will give you all advice necessary, from Technical to Marketing.

We will build you a Property Portal that will stand-out from the rest and give you the best presence possible, we will work with you analysing your niche markets so you blend in perfectly with your potential clients.

We will also help you and teach you how a typical sales process works within a Property Portal when you have Real Estate agents publishing on it. We will help you monetize your ideas.

Your Portal will always be updated with the latest trends and technologies. With Property Portals it becomes more important than ever to be able to give your potential clients support for all technologies and trends that are out there, remember portals are supposed to be cutting edge and with us you will become leader in your niche. Once you decide to choose Rivility for your Real Estate Property Portal we are sure you will never look back.

All portals will be 100% mobile compatible and will display correctly on all devices, if a new framework or device comes along we will tweak your portal so you become one of the first to implement the new technology (at an extra cost)

Remember Real Estate Portals need much more than your run-of-the-mill One Agent Property Software can offer, if you are going to do a Real Estate Portal do it well, do it professionally and use the best software there is for the job: Rivility.

Talk to us, let us prove our point and show you the road to no fuss success, click here to leave us a message.