Let's do a quick checklist (subtitle)
 Prospect Clients... Check
 Property viewings... Check.
 Sales... NO CHECK.
Is this an example of your Real Estate trajectory or do you see your daily routine reflected in that questionnaire?
If the answer resembles a YES then where you are probably headed is not to a good place, it gets as blunt as this and to not drown in a sea of debt will requires immediate action.
Selling properties is about commitmment, work, skills and know-how, but ABOVE ALL is about satisfying your customer's needs. 

So, how do you satisfy their needs in a way that's more efficient and gets better results?

You satisfy their needs by creating a constant communication channel whereas you are always aware of exactly what your clients are looking and your client develops complete trust in your actions and knows that you are working for HIS interests, not yours or the property owner's or even the big holding company you may work for.
Because it is all about trust.
Yes, we are social beings and need to find other 'similar charactered' human beings to relate to and help us achieve what we are looking for. This is valid for track training, learning to drive a car or buying the property you dreamt about all your life.
If we have caught your interest then please. Read on.



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