Rivility Real Estate Software powers your Website so your site is in tune with your Marketing.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke

If you are doing the best marketing you should check your Website is offering your clients the quality they deserve.

It's not only about looks but about Presence, functionality, speed and Compatibility with Devices.

Your Real Estate Website must be found on the Internet and must be easy to browse once it is found. Enquiries should be accessible in under 3 clicks of the landing page and it should be simple to find the enquiry for each and every property the Website holds.

The Website should be fast, very fast.., All code is optimized and updated and Riviity runs on its own servers all updated with the latest Operating systems and running on ultra fast SSD disks.

Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, SmartPhones, SmartTelevisions, publisher's panels, your Website should follow standards and be viewable and responsive to whatever device, screen size and resolution it is viewed in. We take full care our sites are prepared for all popular devices.

Get in touch with us and we'll prove what we are saying, we'll show the best SEO orientated, easy to use, fast and device com

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  • Communicate with your clients

    Comminicate like never before, become their #1 source for all their property needs using the best software to establish the best sales...

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  • Keep your Properties Promoted

    Rivility Real Estate Software will keep your properties promoted using all the latest technology. Twitter and FaceBook are just but a few...

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  • Communicate with your clients

    Comminicate like never before, become their #1 source for all their property needs using the best software to establish the best sales relationship.

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    Let us guide you through the system and show you what it can do for you. A qualified agent will guide you though all the steps to your success.

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